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Welcome to The Compass from Quiet the Hive. I am so pleased you've paid a visit.

Do you feel like you've lost 'you' along the way? Have you prioritised everyone else's dreams and ambitions for so long that you've lost the connection with your own? The Compass has been designed for women like you. 

Through a four part programme, The Compass will help you reconnect with you; what's important, what matters and how to prioritise your own dreams and ambitions.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Instructions for this course

    • How to use this course - a guide to using thinkific courses

  • 3

    Pre-Course Prep - Packing - What do you need?

    • Welcome to the Compass - let's pack for the journey!

    • Packing - Inspiration - Emily McDowell

    • Packing - The Tools - a downloadable reminder

    • Packing - A note on journalling

    • Packing - Journal Questions

  • 4

    Part One - Location - Where are you now?

    • Location - Where are you now?

    • Location - Inspiration - From Finding Your Own North Star by Martha Beck

    • Location - The Tool - Wheel of Life

    • Location - Journal Questions

  • 5

    Part Two - Destination - Where do you want to be?

    • Destination - Where do you want to be?

    • Destination - Inspiration - From The Desire Map - Danielle La Porte

    • Destination - The Tool - Core Desired Feelings

    • Destination - Journal Questions

  • 6

    Part Three - Journey - Where should your focus be?

    • Journey - Where do you want your focus to be?

    • Journey - Inspiration - From 19th July - Simple Abundance: A Day Book of Comfort and Joy By Sarah Ban Breathnach

    • Journey - The Tool - Energy Audit

    • Journey - Journal Questions

  • 7

    Part Four - Arrival (& Departure) - Where to next?

    • Arrival (& Departure) - Where to next?

    • Arrival (& Departure) - Inspiration - From Four Thousand Weeks by Oliver Burkeman

    • Arrival (& Departure) - The tools - Heart-Led Vision & Vision Board

    • Arrival (& Departure) - Journal Questions

  • 8

    Bonus - Onward - The World is Your Oyster

    • Onward: The World is Your Oyster - Welcome to the Bonus Section

    • Onward - Before we part...

    • Onward - Bonus Content - Making Brave Choices Worksheet

    • Onward - Bonus Content - Making Brave Choices Podcast

    • Onward - What Now?

    • Onward - Inspiration - From The Real Reason You Have Lungs: Love Notes for Savasana by Allegra King

    • Onward - Journal Questions

    • Onward - Use Your Power for Good!

    • Onward - And finally, an ask from me...

What's in The Compass?

The Compass is a four part programme that will leave you with tools and techniques that you can use a lifetime.

It is split into four main parts (that I recommend you do over four weeks, but the pace is entirely your choice). Sectioned into the parts of a joinery, we look at:

  • Packing - preparing you for the course and what to expect, as well as some pre-course thinking. It also introduces you to three techniques that you can use to keep you focussed and on track
  • Location - looking at where you are now
  • Destination - exploring where you want to be
  • Journey - spending some time using tools to discover where you want your focus to be, and
  • Arrival (& Departure) - because we are never truly 'done' with the journey

There is also a bonus 'The World is Your Oyster' Section to help you think about life beyond the course.

Each section packed full of handy materials and is supported by a friendly and informative video. Within each section you'll find a written article, a tool you can use and an accompanying comprehensive worksheet, some inspiring writing to help you think differently or give you ideas, an affirmation and journal questions. 

Once you've signed up you can access the course materials for as long as The Compass is running online.

Ready? Let's go!

Like the sound of The Compass?

This programme is designed for you, with plenty of tools to help you carve out the life you want to live.

As well as access to the course, you get...

  • Comprehensive Worksheets

    Along with videos, a series of worksheets support each week. They have been designed for The Compass programme, and are peppered with handy hints, insights and journalling questions. I've also included some extra bonus materials just for you.

  • Time and Space

    Never underestimate what difference this can make. Give yourself time and space each week to focus on you. Put The Compass time in your diary and secure the opportunity to develop and grow in your own way.

  • Bonus Section

    I've created a whole extra bonus section for you called 'The World is Your Oyster' so you aren't left thinking 'what next?'

Quiet the Hive Programmes Have Impact...

...but don't just take my word for it.

Praise for The Compass


I was really surprised at what I discovered when I used the Wheel of Life tool as part of The Compass. One area of my life with the greatest dissonance between where I wanted to be and where I was was my website and how I use my business data. I used the three focus areas from the Wheel of Life for my weekly focus point on Three Things Sunday, doing one thing each week to move towards my goals. Low and behold, six weeks later, I finally have control of my website domain, I’ve chosen a new host for my website, and am making plans of what to send my twice-the-size email list! ... this will enable me to double the income I make on my website. That simple exercise was a game changer!

Praise for AWL from Quiet the Hive


For all those people who follow Jane Galloway on social media and linked in but have never actively engaged. Do it. I was like you just silently watching from afar taking in her wisdom. Then in Jan an email arrived saying sign up today for the cohort or miss out (or something much more profound). So I did. And wow. AWL has taken my life off pause. Now life isn't full of things that just happen to me. I decide what happens. Jane isn't a magician or fairy tale writer who makes dreams happen with fairy dust. She just takes all those tools and habits we all know we should do and makes it fit in life. Don't think or dwell or put off just do. I have done things I've put of for 20+years. So thank you Jane Galloway so much for pressing play on my exciting life and taking it off pause.

Praise for the AWL Programme from Quiet the Hive


AWL has allowed me the time, space and environment to discover what I want from my life and the support and guidance to allow me to strive for those things. It has been truly life changing on both a professional and personal level and has challenged me to be braver and make changes based on what I truly value

Praise for Jane


Jane truly is an inspiring person. Her passion and drive to develop herself and those around her shines through in everything she does. I am lucky enough to be part of the first Quiet The Hive cohort. A new and exciting space, conceived and developed by Jane, allowing a unique (dare I say magical) environment to be created by and for professional women. She pulled together a seemingly random bunch of people and with a sprinkling of her unique coaching, coaxing and supportive powers helped form something special and life-long. It is a pleasure to recommend Jane and I'm confident that a little bit of Jane will only create better things for those who are wise enough to work with her

Praise for the AWL Programme from Quiet the Hive


If you are feeling stuck, want to progress or need some support in your life/career, please check out this amazing opportunity with Quiet the Hive. I have been part of the AWL group for over a year, and it has changed my life, mindset. To have a group of powerful women who have my back, encourage and challenge me is phenomenal. I wouldn't be where I am now in work and myself without them.

Praise for Quiet the Hive


Quiet the Hive has helped me enormously to see the good in life and grab it more


  • How do I know this is a good investment?

    Quiet the Hive is recommended time after time by clients. You see some testimonials here, or you can hop on over to the main Quiet the Hive website to read more. This programme is supported with key videos, a wealth of worksheets, and the opportunity to join a private facebook group. I know this works. I NEVER recommend anything to clients that I haven't already tried and tested myself and on others. It's changed the way I choose to live my life and make decisions, and it can do the same for you.

  • How long will the programme take me to do?

    The easy answer to this one is 'four weeks', but the better one is that you will have tools and techniques that you can use over a lifetime. Each module provides you with information that you can regularly revisit to ensure that you are on track and still living a life that is in tune with your own hopes and desires.

  • What happens when the programme finishes?

    You are so welcome to remain part of the Quiet the Hive family through joining the facebook page, and linking in through instagram. You might also choose to do the next programme; Awakening Women's Lives - a six-month, live, online, group programme designed to help you to identify the life you want and go out and get it. Make sure you keep in touch (see below!) to get updates on all the upcoming programmes, and exclusive access to subscriber only content and offers.

Like the sound of The Compass?

Want in? Join us now to reconnect with you.

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