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...but don't just take my word for it.

Praise for the Amazing Women Leaders Programme from Quiet the Hive

Jo, Education Consultant, Coach & Head of People (This Mum Runs)

AWL has allowed me the time, space and environment to discover what I want from my life and the support and guidance to allow me to strive for those things. It has been truly life changing on both a professional and personal level and has challenged me to be braver and make changes based on what I truly value

Praise for Jane

Eleanor, Executive Coach & Head of OD

Jane truly is an inspiring person. Her passion and drive to develop herself and those around her shines through in everything she does. I am lucky enough to be part of the first Quiet The Hive cohort. A new and exciting space, conceived and developed by Jane, allowing a unique (dare I say magical) environment to be created by and for professional women. She pulled together a seemingly random bunch of people and with a sprinkling of her unique coaching, coaxing and supportive powers helped form something special and life-long. It is a pleasure to recommend Jane and I'm confident that a little bit of Jane will only create better things for those who are wise enough to work with her

Praise for Amazing Women Leaders Programme from Quiet the Hive

Carrie-Ann Wade,

Thoroughly recommend the AWL programme with Quiet the Hive. It has transformed my working life and career! And I have met the most amazing and inspirational women leaders who do nothing but support each other to achieve goals, no matter how big or how small.

Praise for the Amazing Women Leaders Programme from Quiet the Hive

Lorna, Director of My oh My Events

If you are feeling stuck, want to progress or need some support in your life/career, please check out this amazing opportunity with Quiet the Hive. I have been part of the AWL group for over a year, and it has changed my life, mindset. To have a group of powerful women who have my back, encourage and challenge me is phenomenal. I wouldn't be where I am now in work and myself without them.

Who's Behind Quiet the Hive?

Meet Jane Galloway

I am Jane, the Founder Director of Quiet the Hive. My aim is to empower people, women in particular, to lead authentically, and I energise and inspire others to do the same. I am an executive coach, and workshop facilitator. I support women to identify how they want to show up in the world, what they want, and then encourage them to go and get it. I have a demonstrable positive impact for my clients on their confidence, resilience and clarity.

Quiet the Hive was born through a desire to do more to share the skills, confidence and wisdom that it’s taken me til my forties to develop. I have a particular interest in Imposter Syndrome, being a diagnosed sufferer myself! The more I can help women to claim their space and not be afraid of performing to their best within it, the happier I am!

I am a keen runner, volunteering with This Mum Runs and will gladly show off my marathon medal given half a chance! Next challenge is a 32 mile ultra in July 2020. I have two boys who keep me very busy, and nothing makes me happier than being by the sea. Cooking is cathartic, and I like to pretend I can sew clothes!

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